Whenever I see sculptures, busts of famous people it is always with the subject looking straight ahead. I wanted to do a bust that was more interesting, that was more dynamic.

I almost got too carried away! The head was tipping over so I had to use a counter balance in the base. Two rolls of pennies did the job nicely. At the very least I know this sculpture is worth $1.

Move the cursor over the image to turn the head 360 degrees. For Mobile users, tap and swipe with your finger to get the same effect.
The Bust was constructed of poster board and illustration board with wood glue. I lost count of the number of xacto blades that I used. The illustration board was a good eighth of an inch thick and so I scored the back to help get parts to bend. I made a blog post explaining how I prepared the images for the 360 animation on this page. You can find it here.