Business Card / Self Promotion

The original
Vaudeville piece was done old school. I airbrushed on different colored sheets of canson paper. There were colored pencils used and even Letraset type! It had a base so that it could stand and it was 15 inches high. I always loved pop up books and wanted to do a self promotion piece that incorporated an animated element. So, I created the pull tab that revealed me getting yanked off the stage with a hook.

Years later I thought it would be a great idea to miniaturize this piece and create a business card. I made it an envelope that contained a smaller, custom sized CD. Those never caught on very well as slot loading drives became popular. I scanned in the old Vaudeville piece into
Photoshop and prepared it for Illustrator. Using Illustrator I was able to create the final unfolded layout.
Cutting the pieces out, folding, and assembling the cards was tedious but not really difficult. I had managed to get the time down to 20 minutes per card. I had produced over 100 of these cards and everybody wanted one! Never led to any meaningful contacts, but, hey, that is how it goes sometimes. I think I will produce some more cards and instead of the CD, just have a printed, folded insert of my work.

For desktop/laptop users, move your mouse slowly over the image to see how the pull tab worked on the card. On Mobile devices tap and drag with your finger to move the tab (
may have to tap and drag 2 or 3 times to get the tab fully pulled).