Wacom Cintiq Set Up


Yes, I
lusted over the Wacom Cintiq 24HD and the 21UX but they were way out of my budget so I settled, uh, found a great deal on a Cintiq 12WX! Actually the smaller size wasn't an issue for me because I had been using an Intuos 3 4x6" tablet. That makes the Cintiq look big in comparison. One of the benefits of having the 12WX is that it is based on the Intuos 3 line. The pen, drivers, programmable buttons are all the same. I am able to use the Intuos Grip Pen and the 6D Art Pen with the Cintiq. So, I was able to have one grip pen with the brush nib and the second grip pen with a felt nib and programed both switches the same.

The one thing that I really didn't care for
was the display stand. I found a bunch of users on YouTube that were mounting their Cintiq's on monitor arms. I bought an LCD monitor arm from Ergotron and it works fairly well. It supports up to 22 pounds and the Cintiq is only 4.5 pounds.