Bust Turnaround Finally Completed...


This wasn't that difficult. Tedious maybe, but I was surprised how smooth and fast it went, once I got the first shot down. I went to IKEA's and bought a 14 inch marble Lazy Susan to use as the turntable. I thought that 12 shots would be about right so I divided that into 360 and I marked off 30 degree increments.
The Green Screen was something that I had but had never really did anything with and I was too lazy to iron it out or pull it taut. Didn't matter though, it was easy enough to up the tolerance setting on the magic wand tool in Photoshop and get a mask in pretty short order. Then I just deleted the green background, dealt with some of the green spillage on the head itself with the Hue/Saturation command and dropped a gray stripe on the highlighted side of her face.

I then used
Joe Workman's 360 Degree Stack and uploaded all 12 shots to my server. The finished turnaround can be found here. Next up my Lithium sculpture.